Finding The Perfect Pair Of Skinny Jeans



Skinny Jeans is the fashion trend that no one is unaware of, the one wearing it simply looks fabulous! It goes with everything if styled properly. There are a million styles to choose from, but finding the perfect fitting pair of skinny jeans is a difficult task. But it should be trendy as well as comfortable.

We always struggle in finding the difference between the fits, the stretch, the rise of the jeans, the appropriate height and length. The following tips can help you in finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans.

Body Shape & Size
Everybody can wear skinny jeans, it just totally relies upon the way you style them. Try not to be placed off in considering that you have more full hips or a curvier; don't forget that they look perfect when styled right. Every single diverse shape and sizes can wear skinny jeans and when worn with the right garments to offset the extents, they look astounding.

Curves & Hips
A curvier body shape, can wear skinny jeans tucked into mid-calf/knee high boots which will offset the lower portion of the leg, while wearing a more extended shirt or tunic that hits just beneath the butt will compliment the best half. On the off chance that you have more full hips, at that point wearing the skinny jeans tucked into boots again will offset the hip to bring down leg proportion, yet on top you can wear something that is more extensive on the shoulders like a jacket with shoulder braces to keep the extents rectify.

Slim & Straight
A straighter figure, all the more so what they call the boyish shape or form show style, a low rise jeans can be extremely complimenting. Having the jeans super thin at the calves and lower legs is the best choice as it makes the deception that you have a little lower leg zone which thus makes the hip range more extensive to the eye.

If you are petite then wearing a skinny jean with a high rise, pump style heels and a shirt/pullover tucked in at the midriff can truly extend your legs for a more dressier form , yet for easygoing low rise skinny jean that is super thin everywhere. Certainly avoid mid rise jeans.

For the taller women, they are extremely fortunate as they can essentially escape with pretty much any skinny jean available, yet the mid to higher rise jeans are generally complimenting.

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The trend that shows a subtle amount of skin - Cold shoulder tops


Whether a flash of the waist, a cut-out at the shoulder, or a hint of the elbow, the trending fashion is all about peek-a-boo details. It's the season for subtle flaunting: this fashion trend provides the opportunity to carefully expose the body part.

Cold-shoulder is sexy without being obvious; chic without being attention-seeking. A pattern that looks great on all age bunches whether you are 25 or 65! It's an attractive however tasteful outfit and an exceptionally effortless method for displaying your shoulders. While picking your top guarantee that the shape of the shoulders and bust line ought to be great.

It's hot without being obvious and let's be honest, it's enjoyable. This present 80's style is making a rebound so try it out! It can be denim or in a sheer chiffon, or even in a sweater. What makes this pattern cool is that its all inclusive. It even looks great on the red carpet! No matter what your size, there's a brush off shirt for you. Try it out!

The cold-shoulder tops look perfect when paired with a classic jeans, pointy toe heels, basic makeup and no fancy hairstyles. Choose the best classic denims for your body type from the racks of Denim Story. Denim Story is India's premium denim boutique – it help you choose the right denim from the shelves stacked with curated styles from select brands… J Brand, AG Jeans, DL1961, Citizens of Humanity, A Gold E, Paige, Frame, MiH, SIWY, NYDJ, Reiko, Waven….right for the body type, lifestyle, occasion, size, stretch, rise. Visit the flagship store at Altamount Road, Mumbai & utilize the expertise lies getting value for money in these luxury brands!

10 Ways To Effortlessly Flaunt In Distressed Denim


Ripped jeans is a very popular trend, we all love them. Fashion bloggers make combination of different tops with ripped jeans which are so stylish and trendy. We can use their work as our inspiration and look chic while being comfortable at the same time.

So here are 10 ways to wear distressed denim:

1. All alone, ripped jeans and a classy blouse are super easygoing. Be that as it may, include an statement jewelry and heels, and you have a great outfit.

2. You can simply keep things super easygoing with a tank top, a cardigan, and sneakers. The way to making this look less baggy is to wear perfectly sized pants and include some adorable accesories.

3. Wear destroyed denim with a crop top for some serious glamour.

4. Flowy kimono

5. Ruffles

6. Striped tee

7. Floral scarf and accessories

8. Sweatshirt

9. All black

10. Jacket

Heat Things Up In Black – Hot Looks


There are the advantages of wearing black denim. Whatever you remove from your closet coordinates together, dark is heartless to stains and likely needs washing less frequently. Dark is likewise not under the transcription of design like most different hues, it generally seems in fashion trend. In configuration dark has an indisputable place when all is said in done. The fashion designers agree that black is the ultimate colour.

Here are the latest denims to add to your black-hot looks:

Paige Rafaela Raw Hem Petite Joannie

The ruffles at the ankles and raw hems add a dose of intrepidly female vogue to those style statement from Paige. This ultra skinny jean shows off a new kind of femininity this season with a ruffled raw hem, faux pockets and a vintage black wash. Offered in exceedingly soft denim with authentic character, the mid rise Rafaela is sort of the catch with tees, gauzy blouses and more. It's the wash – Joannie No Whiskers. This jean is 89% cotton, 10% poly, 1% elastane with front and back pockets. 36 cm at the knee breaks to 43 cm at the leg opening.
Team yours with a lace top for a rustic romantic style.

J Brand 835 In Vanity

With a mid-rise and slimming capri shape, this classic cropped leg jean is cut in the coveted photo ready denim that effortlessly holds its shape. The little black jean, makes up for that must have black jean in your closet. A flattering fit on most body types, you cannot go wrong with this one.

J Brand 23110 Maria in Blackheart

The all dark look is the new mold slant; now and again the exemplary dark denim is insufficient to pull on the all dark look. So it's brilliant to add some texture to the dark pants, you can include some destructed torn denim. Ripped jeans are always in fashion, it is the most effortless approach to accomplish any look. It's a misguided judgment that ripped jeans are hard to style; in actuality they can give the most individual touch to our style. The J Brand 23110 Maria in Blackheart is a slim fit, super skinny, high-rise waist ripped denim ideal for the all black look.

10 Best Fashion Trends For Monsoon



The rainy season is here; one may hate it or love it, but definitely, can't ignore it. It's time to revamp your wardrobe by packing away the stilettos, translucent tops and light colour dresses. Bring out your shorts, skirts and gum boots.

1. Bright and colourful clothes – In this season the sun is seen occasionally making the environment gloomy and damp. So freshen up your surroundings with clothes in vibrant colours and gorgeous prints.

2. Go for light and fluid fabrics – Opt for nylon, chiffon and georgette dresses and tops for the monsoon as they dry easily. But not the sheer ones.

3. No full-length outfits at all – you don't want to be walking with slush on your hemline. This season stay away from wearing full-length dresses. Go for knee length skirts, shorts or capris this season.

4. Full sleeves – You can't wear full-length dresses but you can always go for full sleeves. Bell sleeves are the fashion trend of this monsoon.

5. Short could be your BFF's – Wear shorts during monsoon, no need to worry about tanning. So go dig your closets and bring out those shorts.

6. Pair your shorts with tank tops – Shorts and tank tops minimizes the chance of your clothes getting wet. You can also add a translucent shrug over it to add a fashion statement.

7. Skinny Jeans is a complete no no – Imagine yourself in a skinny denim jeans and all soaked up due to rain. No! Please girls don't wear those, instead opt for capris.

8. Crop tops and pencil skirt – Without a crop top and a pencil skirt your monsoon wardrobe is incomplete.

9. Stay away from heavy embroideries

10. Metallic skirts and sandals are in trend. Its time to shine in this season

Tip: Your clothing should be fuss free. Play safe and opt for shorts and oversized tops.

3 Mind Blowing Jeans That’ll change the way you look at basic black denim



Black denim signifies a bit of a class. It can be worn for the occasion, for work and also for formal meets. Black is the color of sophistication. Black has power. Black is associated with drama, elegance, formality and beauty. Black jeans are the versatile items of wardrobe. Black jeans have taken over our wardrobes.


The all black look is the new fashion trend; sometimes the classic black denim is not enough to pull on the all black look. So its smart to add some texture to the black jeans, you can add some destructed ripped denim. Ripped jeans have never gone out of style, it is the easiest way to achieve any look. It's a misconception that torn jeans are difficult to style, in fact they can give the most personal touch to our style, it adds individuality to our look. The J Brand 23110 Maria in Blackheart. It's a slim fit, super skinny, high-rise waist ripped denim perfect for the all black look.

J Brand 811 Ink

A classic mid-rise skinny in the basic dark.It is the most classic of the classics; a clean dark ink wash, in the most popular J Brand fit. A mid rise ankle skinny, this elegant jean has sophistication all over it – this is your formal pair of jeans.

J Brand 8227 Blue Mercy

We bring this style back. Everyone wants a pair of black ripped jeans in their wardrobe, perfect for that evening wear with the little bit of 'something'. This mid rise, ankle length is perfect for most and has just the right amount of rips – not too much and subtly enough. What we love about this wash is that its not a black black, but a blue black – a tinge of that blue element in the midst of blackness.

Liven up your travel wardrobe!



Your travel wardrobe doesn't have to be all black and neutrals! In the quest for the perfect packing list, it's easy to opt for solids and neutrals to get the most wear out of every piece of clothing.

Buying wardrobe staples is essential to building a great travel closet, but sometimes it's nice to throw in a punch of color or bold pattern. The great part of having a well-thought out closet is that once you have the basics, adding a trendy accessory or colorful piece of clothing is simple. If you've got all of your basic bottoms covered, maybe a floral or graphic print tops should be your next purchase. This helps you travel light, keep it simple, and look amazing whilst you add it. Remember holidays are also about letting go, and not having to worry too much about what you are going to wear. Opt always for fabrics that do not need too much ironing and do not crease easily.


The multi-color floral combined with a solid bottom makes for a simple outfit, and the gray check can be paired with a brighter colored shirt. Both options will take a monotonous packing list up a notch.

Look one size smaller in NYDJ


International Denim Brands | The Denim Story | Trends of denim | Blog

Fabulous fit, large range of sizes, lots of leg styles and a variety of both trendy and classic colors is what you get from Not Your Daughter's Jeans. NYDJ, launched in 2003, is a Los Angeles-based company with an enviable collection of denim and clothes, complete with slimming technology for women. NYDJ is a brand by women for women, with an exclusive Lift Tuck technology making each pair a perfectly fitting one.

NYDJ is the original slimming jean, jeans that actually fit in all the right places. After years of seeing nothing but low-rise jeans; NYDJ fits high on the waist. It's smartly crafted to avoid the dreaded muffin top look. The lift-tuck technology tucks in the belly areas and makes one look slim,while being comfortable at the same time. Its unique criss-cross panel flattens in the front, making one look and feel a size smaller. These special slimming panels are exclusive to NYDJ and can be identified by their signature criss-cross stitching.

Every pair of NYDJs is made to fit exactly the same from the hips through the thighs. Their fit makes it simple to get the same flattering fit in every pair you choose – no matter what style. NYDJ offers lots of colors trendy and classic styles. They offer different types of innovative fabrics that meet the needs of women all around the world. They all have their own unique characteristics to ensure the perfect fit, such as an extremely soft feel, amazing recovery and a sculpting effect.

Denim Story introduces NYDJ at its Mumbai-based premium denim boutique. Denim Story offers a unique concept of a personalized shopping experience. Get ready to say goodbye to your tummy! Look one size smaller in Not Your Daughter's Jeans.

The higher the heels, the closer to heaven.


When it comes to the feet-adorning-expensive-ludicrously-sexy-versus-comfy-soles-with-a-body, all women love to spend and own as many pairs as there are days in a year. And it looks as if this summer, there's a fashion conspiracy to make us bankrupt in fabulous shoes. This time of year is wholly about the chunky-heeled sandal. Heels are ideal for work and weekends in spring and summer.

The style heels give you some height and also a professional and refined feel. Appear for a heel height of anything from one and a half to three inches for optimal ease. They go perfectly with all the spring essentials you've been accumulating. Heels are ideal for that party, you are attending or just going out to dinner with friends and family. Plus the lace up suede ties is a pure fashion statement for this summer time of year! Chunky sandal heels show that you can mix soft tones with a routine of an urban edge. The thick heels on these shoes with have you up and dancing on those warm evening nights. A colored heel, paired with a classic summer dress is secured to create a statement. Sandal heels are both active and advanced. Consider creating a statement with your heels to a work function or wedding event. Skin heels are constructed to be paired with your summer dress and a statement jewellery piece.

At first glance, a safe pair of nude pumps seems difficult to wear with things we already own; only the results are amazingly flattering. It's really the one shoe style that promises to complement any kit. Its barely-there look visually elongates the legs as well. The mighty ankle boot is a staple that we come back to whenever we achieve for our ripped skinnies. The sleek edition boldly throws in a textured panel at the hounds, which provides exactly the correct amount of embellishment for the brace to remain on the rack for seasons to come. The lace-up vamp lends this faux suede pumps a sexy vibe. Keep them for extra affairs, concerts or romantic date nights. Before long you'll understand your collection can't be accomplished without a pair of lace-up flats, or maybe lace-up sandals too! Ankle straps are added to heels for practical more than cosmetic reasons. These color-blocked heels come with a skinny ankle strap, which basically keeps us from triggering and it lets us strut around freely.

It can be so overpowering that it's difficult not to accumulate a collection of pumps and sandals in rainbow colors. Hopefully, this roundup will inspire you!

Live in your denim shorts all summer



It's no Secret that everybody love shorts in summer, especially denim shorts. Jean shorts are the ultimate summer go to look, but midway through the season. Shorts are so easy to wear when it arrives at the warm weather like summer and you can't get more summery than a loose pair of shorts with rips and shreds all over them. Not only do they keep you cooler in the heat, they also make a fashion statement as there are endless ways to style. There are many incredibly versatile shorts and they are here to stay as a summer denim trend for years to come.

There are countless styles, tricks that make any denim short style more polished, lighter wash denim shorts have been a classic and a staple for decades. Pairing them with denim shirts, even oversize dresses or a jacket, they are a must have when it comes to the summer months. You can guarantee that denim shirts will stay popular for as long as denim is popular, especially for summer!

While trying to think of different ways to wear denim shorts. Your summer shorts wardrobe should go way beyond cutoffs and denim. A good pair of boyfriend shorts should be a little longer and sit low on your hips Style them with something slouchy on tops like a loose T-shirt, tank, or lightweight button-down. They're classic and they go with everything, but they look especially cool with a graphic T-shirt and a tough pair of flats. Layer lace shorts under looser, menswear-inspired tops, so that only a few inches are visible, then add high heels to really emphasize your legs. Stick to the lighter side of grunge with bleached denim shorts instead of the standard indigo and a kick-ass pair of flat leather boots.

Though it's time to rethink the denim cutoffs, it's not the time to say bye-bye. At least not until now. When trying out the beloved style, make sure to keep them a bit baggy, never stiff. A looser, slouchy fit will cut down on the shorts-that-seem-like-underwear feel. Consider cutting up an old pair of jeans to ensure the best well-loved fit