Ways to Style Denim on Denim

by Pradnya Dilpak

The Double Denim is one such trend that everyone loves.Double denim is worn by so many celebrities, bloggers and models, but is favoured mainly by the likes of Zac Efron, David Beckham and Kanye West for the boys, proving that guys with all different types of style can pull it off, and loved by ladies like Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Ashley Tisdale and the Kardashian's, again showing that anyone can make it work!


Two-Toned denim - One of the most important things to know about wearing denim head-to-toe is that your shades of blue don't have to match. In fact, it keeps the look more interesting when lighter cropped denim is paired with a darker shade.

Bucket Hat with Denim - The denim Bucket hat is a cool way to incorporate the fabric if the accessories can really pull an outfit together.

Overall with Jacket - The rough denim looks awesome and the fact that it's a dress rather than shorts — elevates the overalls from being too kiddish.

The rough denim goes very well with the smooth satin dress. Pair it with some rose gold accessories and get ready to stand out in a crowd.

Long Jacket with skinny fit Jeans - Long jacket with skinny fit Jeans, this look will make you look more elegant and a free flow look.

Triple Denim Look - You can also try a Triple denim look. Wear a distressed denim with a soft Denim shirt and when its chilling out there you can just wrap up a denim jacket.

Tied up look - If you want to try something a little more on-trend for this season, you can do double denim by tying a denim shirt around your waist so it falls over your skinny jeans or shorts, this works really well and it's a great way to incorporate more denim into your look. This even works for dungarees or overalls, just tie the shirt around your waist and it creates a completely different energy.

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