Sportswear brand to lift your spirits

We have all gone through a breakup at least once in our lifetime. Depending on the seriousness of the relationship, all of us have had different ways to cope with it. Some people binge on ice-creams, some just cry till they move on, but now there is one more way to deal with it, Shopping! and a new sportswear label will help you in that, which is fun and healthy too.

AIT is a fresh sportswear label from Mexican born blogger and designer Andy Torres and is now taking the fashion world by storm. Not only because he is introducing feminine sportswear but also because of the combination of clothing and messaging on it. Each and every piece has a personalized feel, drawn from life’s experience. Whether it is a hoody dress and cheeky tees or crisp button-down and the slip dresses.

Torres wants women to feel connected to the clothing. He said, “Maybe she is going through a breakup, or, even better, falling in love. This collection takes you through her story in an organic way”. There is a cute t-shirt with the wordings ‘The End’ and a versatile hoodie for the long distance couples stating ‘let the distance keep us together’. Here, the connection to the human experience is special and the way it is conveyed in such a strong and womanly way.