Ways To Effortlessly Flaunt In Distressed Denim



Ripped jeans is a very popular trend, we all love them. Fashion bloggers make combination of different tops with ripped jeans which are so stylish and trendy. We can use their work as our inspiration and look chic while being comfortable at the same time.

So here are 10 ways to wear distressed denim:

  1. All alone, ripped jeans and a classy blouse are super easygoing. Be that as it may, include an statement jewelry and heels, and you have a great outfit.
  2. You can simply keep things super easygoing with a tank top, a cardigan, and sneakers. The way to making this look less baggy is to wear perfectly sized pants and include some adorable accesories.
  3. Wear destroyed denim with a crop top for some serious glamour.
  4. Flowy kimono
  5. Ruffles
  6. Striped tee
  7. Floral scarf and accessories
  8. Sweatshirt
  9. All black
  10. Jacket