Why Spend on Jeans?


Being an avid shopper, over the years my shopping habits have changed. Less is more, quality over quantity, and usage, are my mantras. Looking good, therefore feeling good, was, is and always will be (I hope) of primary importance.

I cringe when I see beautiful and expensive designer tops paired with a poorly fitting pair of pants. You can bet it dilutes the top and sadly dampens the overall look for one that could be amazingly stylish.

I once had a girl-crush on this model-like older student, and she preached that what mattered most was the bra you wore as that defines the way the top falls on your body, enhancing the silhouette. This has lived with me, and I can tell you it makes all the difference when you make sure you buy the right fitting bra. (Always a good thing to be professionally fitted time to time).

So the same with Jeans! A properly fitting pair of jeans, of good quality, where the stretch content technology and cut matter, in a style best suited to your body type, is crucial. It is in a way a touch that completes an overall confident look.

Second, I am likely to wear my jeans that many more times than anything else in my wardrobe, many many times over. Totally worth it!

Last, I know they are not going to date, so they sit in my wardrobe until I grow tired of them, or I lose oodles of weight in which case I go and buy a size down! Yay!