Are we re-thinking the Indian Wedding Trousseau?



Let’s face it. The world is changing, and we want more practicality, usefulness, less clutter, no wastage. Or that is how it should be. I look back at my trousseau; London, Paris, Bombay (at the time), and am ashamed at the wastage on clothing I never touched. There was just too much of everything, and not enough of me time to adorn it. We shopped like we had to attend a gala event every single night for the next five years.


I recently had brides come into Denim Story, saying they needed jeans for their trousseau. How wonderful is that? These girls were planning their trousseau with applaudable thought. Yes, they wanted a jean in practically every colour and style, but most importantly they wanted what they would use, what would come in handy. And after all, they said, these are quality premium pants, worthy of any bridal trousseau.


So we obviously put together a trousseau collection. And this is how it works. A black staple skinny, an indigo ink classic clean wash, a fashion destructed piece, a holiday/honeymoon summer blue, and a white/beige/navy/charcoal – whichever is more you. Some opted for shorts or cargo skinnies. Whatever works for you and makes you happy. After all, you are the bride!