Our Story

On a visit to Libertys in London, to buy a pair of jeans, I was blown away by the attention to detail and the input of time by the salesgirl. I want to look fabulous in the pair I buy I told her. She studied me, my body type, my personality, and asked me a few questions about what exactly I wanted this pair for and where I would like to wear it. After politely talking about parts of my body that I would like to hide, and then some that I am secretly happy with, she came up with suggestions directing me to brands and styles that would work best for me. The ordeal of trying on pair after pair, and getting disheartened in the process did not exist. This was fun and uplifting. What was comforting was that someone understood what I wanted and by now had my full trust. I learnt very quickly about the rise and cut that would suit my body type best, and found a great pair of AG Jeans that fit superbly, understanding premium quality denim.

Moving to India, I now needed to travel abroad to buy a good pair of jeans! An item of clothing we probably wear the most – and why could I not find a decent pair here, with a choice and some advice.. Surely everyone needs a good pair of well-fitting quality jeans. This is how Denim Story came to be in 2008, where the last 7 years have been heartening in forming great relationships, friendships and client loyalty. Our breakthrough Jeans-To-Go, a home service was picked up by top publications, followed by the Denim Concierge, a members club, where our focus is client convenience.